Thank you for thinking about joining QWERTY Scans!

To apply, you will need to fill out the form below and submit it to us. We will then take a look and contact you about the position you’re interested in.

*** This is volunteer only, our staff gets no monetary compensation whatsoever.

We are currently ONLY looking for Korean Translators!!!


Helps pull raws from sources and assists other people when needed. Mostly there for moral support.

Must be proficient in both the language being translated from and English. Responsible for translating the original script into English while keeping the script as close as possible to the original meaning.

Responsible for correcting any grammar mistakes and improving overall flow of the script while maintaining the original meaning of the translation. Meant for Grammar Nazis.

Takes out all text in bubbles and outside the bubbles, such as sfx or any dialogue outside the bubbles. Will need to be able to redraw any parts taken out. Perfect for artists or aspiring artists.

Redraws any part of the page that has been erased or taken out due to cleaning. This position is meant for artists who think they are good at drawing.

Replaces the old script with the newly translated English script by copying and pasting text into the correct bubbles and panels. Must be very skilled with copy and paste, ideal for font fanatics.

Someone who can both typeset and clean. A multi-talented person.

Please fill out the following: